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Event Name:The Collaborative Instructional Cycle (NYSED Topic Briefs Series Session 2)

To support districts in providing better services to ELLs, NYSED has developed four topic briefs that identify the basis for the practice of co-teaching for ELLs as well as the specifics for implementation of the program. School and district administrators, coaches, teacher leaders, and all teachers working with ELLs will benefit from the recommendations outlined in these documents. These documents support teachers to become effective co-teaching partners as well as give school leaders a better understanding of the practice and the different models that can be implemented. to support the success of their students. Our goal of this learning session is to discuss Topic Brief #3: The Collaborative Instructional Cycle and benefits of using it as a tool to discuss co-teaching with administration and teachers of ELLs. Then we will digest the brief into talking points you can use with administrators or teachers of ELLs. Finally, at the end of each session we will assist you in creating an action plan for using the topic briefs moving forward.

Brief #3: The Collaborative Instructional Cycle

Covers the following topics:

  • Collaborative Planning or Co-Planning
  • Co-Planning Basics and Tools
  • Collaborative Planning Look-Fors
  • Instructional Delivery Through Co-Teaching
  • Co-Teaching Models
  • Collaborative Assessment
  • Co-teaching Reflection


  • Lis Benarvides (NYS TESOL Binghamton/Syracuse Region Co-Chairs)
  • Brittany Wylie (NYS TESOL Binghamton/Syracuse Region Co-Chairs)

Event Date:8/8/2022
Event Time:2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern
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