NYS TESOL Summer Book Study: Let Our Children Soar!
7/29/2024 - 8/28/2024
Asynchronous from July 29- August 23; Live Zoom Meeting August 28 7:00-8:00pm
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Session Title: NYS TESOL Summer Book Study: Let the Children Soar! The Complexity and Possibilities of Educating the English Language Student
Session Objective: Participants will read and gain insight on the experiences, trauma, successes and all the milestone events that ELL/ MLL students experience.  
Book Description: 
This is a story about English language learners - one in particular - and a reflection on what we, as educators, can do to promote their success.
As educators, we're faced every day with the question of how to teach the thousands - many thousands - of children who arrive in our schools as immigrants and refugees, coming with no English, from cultural backgrounds so different from America's, often from impoverished households and often from households where education of the kind we know was completely absent.

Our work as educators is to help these children start to climb the wall that stands between their past, wherever and however that was lived, and a future in America, where their education will prepare them to take advantage of the same opportunities everyone else here enjoys.

This is not an easy job. But it's one we can't afford to get wrong. And this is not a small corner in our education system today. The number of English language learners in U.S. school systems is large and growing. And the educators involved in teaching this exceptional population include basically everyone, not just those teachers with direct classroom contact. When they're in the building, the entire school is the English language learner's world.
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