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Combatting Linguistic Racism: Praxis for Equity & Justice for Multilingual Writers with Dr. Zhaozhe Wang, Hidy Basta, Dr. Shawna Shapiro, Sharada Krishnamurthy and Donna Mehalchick-Opal
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Event Description

This panel offers specific examples of and strategies for promoting equity and justice for multilingual students in a writing classroom and writing centers.  Drawing on translingualism and other current theories, presenters discuss how they center multilinguals’ expertise and perspectives and question dominant monolingual beliefs and deficit perspectives in their own contexts. Finally, a respondent will offer common themes across the presenters’ work and overall takeaways for writing and language educators and administrators. 
Zhaozhe Wang is an Assistant Professor of Writing Studies at the University of Toronto, where he teaches writing and communication. He specializes in rhetoric and writing studies; particularly, his interests span areas such as multilingual literacy, transnational rhetorics, and rhetorical/cultural studies of social media.
Hidy Basta is the Director of the writing center and an instructor of English at Seattle University. Her research and teaching interests include language ideology and policy, multilingual identity narratives, genre theory, and writing in the disciplines.  Her current research and teaching focus on linguistic justice and writing consultants’ education. 
Shawna Shapiro teaches courses in writing, linguistics, and education at Middlebury College. Her research focuses on college transitions and asset-based pedagogies for multilingual/L2 writers. Shapiro has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, and her third book, Cultivating Critical Language Awareness in the Writing Classroom (Routledge) will be published in February 2022.
Sharada Krishnamurthy is a doctoral candidate in Language and Literacy Education. Her research interests are equity in education for marginalized populations and the implementation of culturally sustaining practices and critical pedagogies.  Her dissertation focuses on writing tutors’ use of translanguaging practices and anti-racist pedagogies to support linguistically diverse student populations
Donna teaches First-Year Writing and serves as a graduate writing consultant at the Rowan University Writing Center, where she is committed to providing support to all students in a way that honors their language, culture and goals.  Her research interests include writing center theory and pedagogy, politics of language; class, gender, neurodiversity and race constructions and representations.