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The humanistic classroom - strategies & activities to boost learner engagement with Khanh-Duc Kuttig
4:00 PM

Event Description
This session focuses on activities that encourage student-centered learning in the language classroom. We explore strategies and tasks that support both indviduality and diversity, encourage discovery and promote collaborative learning. Participants will try out some of these activities and we will follow up with a discussion of how these activities boost learner engagement.

Khanh-Duc has an MA in TESOL, teaches at the University of Siegen in Germany, and has an interest in creative assessment and learner autonomy. She teaches grammar, writing, pronunciation and teacher language in the teacher education program. Khanh-Duc was the guest editor for the August 2021 issue of the online teaching magazine, HLT Mag, also known as Humanising Language Teaching, by Pilgrims. Here is the link to it: https://www.hltmag.co.uk/aug21/.